2016 Best Moments - Oregon + Destination Wedding Photographer

Where do I even begin? This year was filled with so much goodness I can hardly contain my excitement to share a few of my favorite images from 2016! From getting to meet and work with several amazingly talented film photographers like Ivy & Gold Photography, Donny Zavala, Simply Splendid Photography and more, visiting Santa Barbara, traveling to Jeremy Chou's workshop in South Carolina, to going to Disneyland for my first time (yes, 27 year old adults can gush over Disney princesses just as much as a 5 year old!) this year was  full of laughter, adventure, and even a few tears. 

I also made it a decision to incorporate more film into my business and it was the best decision I could have ever made. To look back a year ago and see the way my work has grown and changed is not only inspiring but challenges me to keep pushing forward. I look at 2017 with so much eagerness and can't wait to see the magic created and the adventures I'll get to go on next year!

Cheers to 2016! 

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