Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for us to receive our images?  

Typically it takes eight weeks, but of course I try to be earlier than that! Don’t worry though, you’ll receive a sneak peek from me about a week after your wedding since I know you’ll be excited!

Can we print our images ourselves or do we need to purchase prints through Eden Willow Photography?

You are more than welcome to download your photos from the gallery to print at your local printer, but you can also order prints directly from the gallery and receive professional prints in just a few days. 

We’ve never taken professional photos before and we’re not that comfortable in front of a camera. 

For many women, this is her first time in front of a camera and there is definitely a tendency to feel uncomfortable at first. However, I guide you as I’m photographing you to help you feel comfortable and to also capture how you can pose perfectly. It’s a great opportunity for us to connect more, get to know you better, and form a relationship before your wedding day. I also feel that taking boudoir photos help a woman feel even more confident on her wedding day. 

Will you make corny jokes to put us at ease? 

Well, it’s so funny you ask. Normally I charge for my jokes, but they are always on the house for my clients. All you have to do is pick the flavor of corny joke. They come in Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Battlestar Galactica flavors.

What’s in your gear bag? Do you carry backup equipment?

Gear. Lots of gear is in my gear bag. I shoot with 2 Canon professional full frame cameras, L series professional lenses, a 35mm film camera, and a Contax 645 medium format camera. I carry a lot of spare memory cards, batteries, speedlights, tons of film, and any other accessory I need to do my job well. 

Why should we hire you? 

Photographing you is more than just showing up for a job. I make it my goal to connect on a deeper level with every single person I get to photograph. Plus my pics are super good lol.